Step #1: Choose a Picture
If your card is for a special occasion, you can use one of the special occasion cards. Otherwise, your card can feature the image of just about any Phantasy Star character by selecting the character's name from the appropriate pulldown selector below.

Step #2: Name and Email Information
In the boxes below, please enter both your's and the recipient's name and email addresses. Please be certain of the recipent's email address! If the recipient's address is entered incorrectly, the recipient will never get the card!

Your Name:
Your Email:
Recipient's Name:
Recipient's Email:

Step #3: Select Your Text and Background Colors
Using the two selector pulldowns below, please select your text and background colors. If you want the card to be readable, make sure you select two different colors!

Important Note: If you are sending a card to someone who will be viewing it via the Sega Dreamcast's Web Browser, please note that while background colors will work, Dreamcast users will see all card text in black, regardless of what text color you actually chose. So make sure you choose a background color on which black text will show up!

Text Color
Background Color

Step #4: Enter Your Title, Message, and Signature
Enter your title, message, and signature in the box below. Feel free to use HTML tags in if you wish, in the message portion.

Card Title

Your Message


Please select the music you want your card's recipient to hear when your card is read. If you prefer there to be no music, simply check "No Music."

No Music